Technological Revolution – irrational fears and justified dangers

  • Mikołaj Przepiórkowski Instytut Socjologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego


Technological Revolution became a revolution of our times. In this paper, a classification most typical discursive fears concerning the future technological achievements - AI, robots, autonomous cars and wide-spread computer controlled infrastructure, fake images, user data security is presented and briefly described. An author uses different but most classical scientific approaches towards revolutions but also a few psycho-sociological theories on social change in attempt to answer a question: which of the mentioned technological breakthroughs and fears should be considered a real threat, and which are more of a psychological fear of change and natural conservatism in processes of generational transition? The study of 8 Facebook groups, 3 Twitter operating ones and 1 Reddit channel active for around 3 years at least serves as a basic material to present the mentioned problems and a discursive tendencies of interlocutors build both the core of analysis as well as base for conclusions and interpretations of possible technological advancements within scope of scientific theories selected earlier.

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